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The Park

The park measures more than 3.500 square meters on three levels connected by stairways in lava stone, big attention on a lot of details, 70% of the park is english lawn style, the remaining 30% consists of courtyard, terraces, driveways areas and pedestrian crossings; all the areas are completely paved in porphyry of Trentino posed at allayed peacock tail and with white marble inserts. In the park there are ancient tall trees and precious plants of significant importance (cedars of Lebanon, maritime pines, cypresses, magnolias, olives trees, yuccas, chicas palms, lemons trees, laurels laurus nobilis, around the perimeter of the property is bordered by laurel hedges nobilis and variegated ivy). The park has sectored automatic irrigation system.
Covered Parking: measures 45 square meters with possibility of 2 cars parking.
Parking area: outdoor covered area with possibility of 3 cars parking.
Limonaia: located on a terrace of 240 sqm with dominant panorama.
Garden and orchard: with storage for gardening tools.