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The Dependance

The Dependance consists of 7 rooms and external patio and measures 110 square meters. Architecturally similar to the main Villa, it completes the harmonious and elegant dimora and it’s positioned opposite the swimming pool: this site offers a view of the park and the panorama below.
The dependence consists of a kitchen of 20 sqm with handmade ceramic tiles in Tuscan farmhouse style; the wine bar / cellar of 15 square meters realized for wine tasting and maturing is furnished with oak wood panelling; a living room of 50 square meters with a large fireplace. The dependance has in its whole ceiling oak wood beams and has large windows overlooking the pool and the beautiful landscape. Outside and throughout the length of the hall, there is a large patio of 45 square meters with 6 arches that overlooks the pool and the park.
Completing the dependance, with its own entrance, a bathroom with shower box, a room with autoclave system used by the property and a utility room containing the pool operating tools.


Materials and Planimetries